PyTennessee 2017 Presentation

I had the privilege of presenting on Capacity and Stability Patterns at PyTennessee 2017. My pitch was:

Nashville DevOpsDays Thanks

When I moved to Nashville in 2014, I had a lot of uncertainty about what the tech scene was like. If you’d told me that within a few years I would be helping to run the city’s first DevOpsDays, I’m sure I would have scratched my head in puzzlement. Yet, we just wrapped it up! Much thanks goes out to

Web operations conferences

Last year I started keeping a list of conferences I was interested in. I had the idea that this might make a good community resource, so today I built The goal is to be an up-to-date, no-frills list of conferences of interest to people working in the field of web operations. Contributing to it is as simple as editing a YAML file. I hope it’s useful to someone!

Interview questions

While preparing for my round of onsite interviews at Eventbrite, I spent some time coming up with questions tailored to the different roles of the people I’d be meeting with. I thought I would share those here.