Reporting is Hard

At DevOpsDays Atlanta 2018, I presented a lightning talk on reporting for ops team. I forgot to put that online until now!

PyTennessee 2019 Presentation

I had the privilege of presenting on Instrumenting Python for Production at PyTennessee 2019. My pitch was:

Building a statistical profiler in python

At PyOhio, I presented a slightly-revised version of my Capacity and Stability Patterns talk. I also gave a mostly-impromptu lighting talk on building a statistical profiler and reading flame graphs.

DevOpsDays Atlanta 2017 Presentation

At DevOpsDays Atlanta, I presented an ignite talk on our recently-completed VPC migration at Eventbrite. This was my first time speaking under the constraints on the ignite format - 20 slides, automatically advancing every 15 seconds, and it was quite nerve-wracking!