PyTennessee 2019 Presentation

I had the privilege of presenting on Instrumenting Python for Production at PyTennessee 2019. My pitch was:

You’ve implemented every feature, and written every test. Your code is ready to go to production. But how will you know what it’s doing once it’s deployed? This talk covers tools and strategies for understand your application’s behavior once it’s in the cruel hands of your users.

I’ll cover approaches to instrumentation that are applicable to any python application that handles user requests or interfaces with other systems. Come and learn

  1. What is instrumentation, and why should I care?
  2. What tools should I use?
  3. Where do I get started in my codebase?
  4. How should I name things?
  5. Now how do I use this?

You can view the slide deck here. Press p to see my speaker notes.