Web operations conferences

Last year I started keeping a list of conferences I was interested in. I had the idea that this might make a good community resource, so today I built webopsconferences.com. The goal is to be an up-to-date, no-frills list of conferences of interest to people working in the field of web operations. Contributing to it is as simple as editing a YAML file. I hope it’s useful to someone!

Interview questions

While preparing for my round of onsite interviews at Eventbrite, I spent some time coming up with questions tailored to the different roles of the people I’d be meeting with. I thought I would share those here.

Lwn subscription

I just renewed my subscription to LWN for another year. While it’s true that I could read their content for free a week after it’s released, LWN’s reporting is so much better than anything else out there that I want to help provide the financing to continue it. It would be terrible to see them go the way of The H. If your livelihood depends in some way on Linux or the broader open source software ecosystem and you’re not already a LWN reader, peruse their weekly edition archives and consider subscribing too.

Packer supports vagrant-libvirt

The 0.7.2 release of Packer has a treat for users of vagrant-libvirt. Packer’s vagrant post-processor now knows how to generate a box that you can use directly with vagrant-libvirt, no mutations required! Thanks to Julian Phillips for doing the development work and to Mike Perez and Wolodja Wentland for doing most of the testing.