How nethogs works

There are a lot of underappreciated monitoring utilities for linux. From time to time, I plan to dive into one and write up what it’s useful for and how it works. I’ll start with nethogs. Unlike most network monitoring tools, nethogs breaks down traffic per-proccess rather than per-host or per-protocol. Its focus is answering the question “What program is using my bandwidth?”. It provides a top-style interface for real-time monitoring. So how does it work?

Automatically fixing the gnu screen environment

Stale environment variables, particularly those related to SSH agent and X11 forwarding, are a well-known problem for GNU Screen users. Search google and you’ll find many solutions to this problem (including one from my fellow Athenian Sam Rowe), but I wasn’t happy with having to manually run a command to fix each screen window. Thus, I whipped up a script I call rescreen.

Export news from google sites

I’ve added a script, export_google_site_news, to my catchall repository on github. It’s for downloading the section of a Google Sites hosted webpage generated by the News Gadget. It takes two arguments, the address of your site and the name of the news section. It will download all the news stories it finds as html files into your working directory.

Updating dell firmware

Dell has several methods for updating their BIOS.