Graylog2 path fixes

On the off chance that any else is trying to run Graylog2’s web interface at a path other than the root of a URL (e.g. instead of, I have a repository at sciurus/graylog2-web-interface that fixes places where absolute URLs crept in to the code. The Graylog2 developers are rewriting the web interface in Java, so I’m not sure if there will be a release in the 0.12 series with these changes.

Docker on rhel

There’s been some interest in running Docker on CentOS and Red Hat, but it currently requries software not available in those distributions, most notable a linux kernel version 3.8 or newer with the AUFS patches. The docker team plans to loosen this dependency soon, but until then I’ve created spec files for building RPMs of a suitable kernel, the lxc utilities, and docker. The package building instructions are on github at sciurus/docker-rhel-repo. The kernel instructions may also be of interested to anyone attempting to run docker on Fedora.

Recovering a kurobox pro

I had a Kurobox Pro booting Debian off the internal hard drive as described at Unfortunately, the internal hard drive died. Here are the steps I took to get it booting from the internal flash again.

Installing euca2ools on os x

Download the tag of the latest stable euca2ools release from github. Install virtualenv with ‘sudo easy_install virtualenv’ and homebrew following their instructions if you haven’t already.