Installing euca2ools on os x

Download the tag of the latest stable euca2ools release from github. Install virtualenv with ‘sudo easy_install virtualenv’ and homebrew following their instructions if you haven’t already.

Using virtualenv and homebrew isn’t mandatory. Homebrew makes it much easier to install many tools and libraries like swig, and virtualenv lets you keep isolated python environments.

brew install swig

mkdir -p ~/.virtualenvs/euca2ools
virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/euca2ools
source ~/.virtualenvs/euca2ools/bin/activate

pip install boto
pip install m2crypto

# the filename will vary depending on what version is the latest
tar xzf eucalyptus-euca2ools-2.1.0-0-gb5c5889.tar.gz
cd eucalyptus-euca2ools-c5c7caa
python install

After this is done, you’ll have your euca2ools in ‘~/.virtualenvs/euca2ools/bin’. In every new shell you start, you’ll have to run ‘source ~/.virtualenvs/euca2ools/bin/activate’ before you can use them.