Stopping docker packaging

Now that docker 0.7 has been released, I’m not planning on updating docker-rhel-rpm anymore. You no longer need a custom kernel to run docker, and you can install it from the Fedora or EPEL repositories.

R10 git hook

r10k is a great tool that simplifies fetching puppet modules and updating environments. Since it doesn’t include a sample post-receive or post-update git hook, I decided to publish the one I’m using at sciurus/r10k-git-hook. I’m running gitolite on the same server as my puppet master, and I fiddle with umask and setgid so that when r10k runs as the gitolite user it writes files that the puppet user can read. This is arguably not as nice as plugging r10k into a proper CI system, but it gets the job done.

Monitoring a process via python

A friend of mine recently mentioned he was working on the following problem:

How to name a computer

In case of argument or indecision about this, run the following command: