Nashville DevOpsDays Thanks

When I moved to Nashville in 2014, I had a lot of uncertainty about what the tech scene was like. If you’d told me that within a few years I would be helping to run the city’s first DevOpsDays, I’m sure I would have scratched my head in puzzlement. Yet, we just wrapped it up! Much thanks goes out to

  • The many sponsors who supported us
  • The talented speakers who shared their stories
  • The Nashville organizers (James Fryman, Jurnell Cockhren, Eliza Marcum, Chris Wage, Nick Wallace) for having the vision and perserverance to put together the many pieces needed to hold the event
  • The DevOpsDays core organizer group for their example and assistance
  • James for trusting me to build a volunteer team and take care of the event day tasks
  • All the volunteers who answered my call to show up early, stay late, and handle all the unglamorous tasks it takes to run a conference

You all did a fantastic job, and I hope we’ll work together again next year!