Reddit s json api

You can find discussions of Reddit’s “secret” API on a few blogs. Just as interesting, but not discussed on those blogs, is that Reddit will return any page in JSON format if you append .json to the URL. For example:

Libx for firefox 3

The LibX Firefox extension for the University of Georgia is now available for Firefox 3. You can install it from here.

Change filetypes cached by apt-cacher

I’ve been learning how to use debian-installer’s preseed functionality in order to automate some of the installations we do at Free IT Athens. Among other things, I wanted to set it to use apt-cacher, our caching proxy server for software, and to install some additional packages, including msttcorefonts. Msttcorefonts downloads each font as an exe file, which isn’t in apt-cacher’s whitelist of filetypes to accept. If you try, you’ll receive a 403 error and the message // Sorry, not allowed to fetch that type of file//. Since apt-cacher is written in perl, this was an easy fix; I modified line 646 to read

Openid enabled

I’ve installed and enabled the OpenID plugin for dokuwiki. Anyone with an OpenID (more people than you might think) should be able to use it to log in. I’m just doing my part for non-evil federated identity management.