Macworld rails presentation uploaded

I’ve uploaded to pdf and latex source from my Macworld presentation about deploying Ruby on Rails here.

Blogging thesis progress

\ After discussing it with my advisor, I’ve decided to start blogging about my work on my master’s thesis. I’ll start things off with an post about my research questions.

Opensecrets api

While playing with OpenSecrets web service, I’ve run into some puzzling discrepancies between the data it returns and the data listed on the website. I’m interested in the PAC contributions from a given sector to a given candidate during a given cycle.

Uga proxy bookmarklet

Along with my recent Ubuntu upgrade came the Firefox 3 beta, but LibX has not released a version of their extension that works with Firefox 3 yet. If you’re like me, all links lead to JSTOR, and you’re really missing the ease with which LibX allowed you to reload a page through your institution’s proxy. Luckily, this is as easy as adding a bookmark to firefox with the following as the location. If you’re not at UGA, you should replace the text inside the quotation marks with the URL of the proxy you use.